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Fringe Coverage - No Signal Data Feeds  


Billions of anonymous Bad Signal readings are contributed by the community of M2Catalyst App Users around the world and provided to MNOs to improve the mobile experience. M2Catalyst provides two types of Fringe - No Signal data feeds:

BASIC: Free to MNO’s

As part of the M2Catalyst initiative to improve the mobile experience, we provide a free quarterly report to MNOs to show where their customers are when they get No Signal and Fringe Coverage readings (weaker than -112dBm 4G/5G).  This data is aggregated into larger bins to make it easy to visualize and import into other systems such as Esri ArcGIS or Forske ATOLL.

ADVANCED: Available For a Nominal Fee

MNOs can gain access to the raw data which has algorithms applied to each record to show the location of the bad signal experience and if the consumer was indoors or outdoors. This offering also includes benchmarking data to see if all MNOs have poor signals in the same locations and comes with a standard Monthly Update.

Note: Both of the above data layers are available on the Crowd SiteIntel dashboard for Business Intelligence Analysis.

Digital Divide Source Data

By merging two powerful global data sets, WorldPop and our Network Cell Info, M2Catalyst brings critical new insights into the global effort to bridge the Digital Divide. The Digital Divide reports are free.

Now imagine what you can do with the source data: 

  • Which locations are the most populated?

  • What can be derived from having the predicted location of more than 40 million Cell IDs globally?

  • How far from the areas with no broadband coverage are the closest PoPs for each MNO?

Competitive Benchmarking with Crowd SiteIntel

The telecom systems and software markets have been dominated by complex tools designed by RF engineers for RF engineers.  M2Catalyst opens up the world of telecom business intelligence to all departments, the business, strategy, real estate development personnel and more can become highly productive with the Crowd SiteIntel platform in one or two training sessions.  Analyze thousands of locations per day, to determine the ideal locations to improve network performance to maintain leadership or become #1 in the region. 

Global Roaming Dashboard and Reports

Crowd SiteIntel is available in over 200 countries. Quickly analyze roaming partner performance in entire cities, regions or countries. 

PoP (Cell Site) Database: Cell ID Analytics and Reports

M2Catalyst harnesses the power of AI to process trillions of anonymized network performance data points, with the aim of building the most complete global PoP Cell Site database. Based on over 40 million Cell IDs, we predict the location of each cell tower, rooftop, monopole, small cell, and indoor DAS system.  We then provide with deeper filtering by band, data tonnage, range and more. All this, to help MNOs determine where the next sites need to be deployed to improve the mobile experience for your customers.

Indoor Coverage (CSI and Raw Data) 

The Problem

There are tens of millions of large commercial, residential buildings, big box stores, and venues around the world, but so few will allow a walk test, and such tests are extremely expensive. 

The Solution

CSI enables the analysis of 1000 buildings at a time.

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