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We measure, analyze, and report the experience of mobile users around the world, across every mobile operator worldwide.

The International Telecommunication Union estimates 37% of the world’s population (2.9 billion people) lacks internet connectivity.  M2Catalyst is doing its part to “connect the unconnected” by precisely identifying their location.

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By merging two powerful global data sets, WorldPop and our Network Cell Info, M2Catalyst brings critical new insights into the global effort to bridge the Digital Divide. 

Kicking off our series of reports for 33 different countries, we'll take an in-depth look at how the U.S. ranks among all the countries we examined.

Our analysis determined that 644,000+ populated locations in the U.S. are further than 5km from the nearest detected 4G/5G Antenna Cell ID. Other significant findings can be found in the following sections of our report:

  • Mobile Broadband Quarterly Summary

  • Mobile Broadband Expansion Rate

  • Digital Divide – M2Catalyst Global Score

  • Coverage Distribution (Metro vs Rural)

  • Technology (4G vs 5G) Comparisons

  • Where the 5G technology shift is focused

  • Differences in 5G locations per Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

  • The nationwide underserved locations 

  • The opportunities for each MNO

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Market Insights

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Featured Video

Access to mobile broadband is viewed by governments, the telecom industry, corporations, educational entities, and citizens alike as critical for the progress of humanity. Here's a brief video from our Director of Marketing, Joshua Shorter as he sheds light on how M2Catalyst is helping to fix the global issue known as the "digital divide".


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