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Mobile Market Reports

We measure, analyze, and report the experience of mobile users around the world, across every mobile operator worldwide.


M2Catalyst has prepared a paradigm-shifting set of studies designed to provide the telecom professional with a fresh perspective on the digital divide by focusing the study on where consumers are connected, unconnected, or under-connected across the globe.


The M2Catalyst digital divide studies are loaded with insights. Our most recent study focuses on analyzing the percentage of mobile traffic on various network types and examining the coverage quality of experience for mobile users in 70 plus countries, while our previous study examines how many locations are further than 5km from the nearest detected 4G/5G antenna cell ID in 30 plus countries.


These studies can be used as a strategic tool to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and enhance user satisfaction. When combined with M2Catalyst's array of tools, datasets, and services, they can become invaluable assets for pinpointing network performance gaps and identifying areas affected by a digital divide.

Explore our digital divide studies and blogs today!

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