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Network Cell Info

The ultimate network cell

signal information tool

  • Monitor cellular and WiFi signals in real-time

  • Easily locate the nearest and strongest cell tower

  • Find the best signal in your house and outside

  • Troubleshoot remote or poor reception areas

  • See what bands the area cell towers broadcast on

  • Determine direction for easy antenna setup

  • Quickly check your internet speed

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Who is this app for?

This app is for any and everyone wanting a better mobile network experience.

  • Everyday people

  • Engineers and IT/Tech professionals

  • Remote working professionals

  • Outdoors activists

  • And More!

Your device is only as good as the network it’s connecting to. 


Network Cell Signal & Wi-Fi Info is a powerful cell network/Wi-Fi monitor and measurements/diagnostic history log tool (4G+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM).


Network Cell Info can help troubleshoot your reception, and connectivity problems while keeping you in the know about your local cell carrier radio frequency landscape.


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This powerful app also includes a one-tap Wi-Fi/mobile internet performance speed test tool that allows you to test and verify your internet performance including download, upload, ping, and jitter test results history. WiFi coverage statistics are also available (currently in beta).

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Key Features

  • Near Real-Time (within 1 second response) monitoring of cellular and WiFi signals


  • Dual SIM support

  • Signal-meter provides statistics for both SIM and WiFi coverage

  • Map displays network cellular info and signal-meter gauges

  • Visual representation of cell locations (not cell towers) on the map utilizing Mozilla Location Service (MLS), excl. cdma

  • Dynamic coloring of the route according to the signal strength, including map markers with location and signal info

  • Logs and measurements of cellular signals

  • Customize measurement settings (minimum distance, minimum accuracy, motion sensor, etc.)

  • Network information available in Status Bar

  • Sound notifications for system and Cell ID changes

  • Raw view of network cellular info

  • Raw zoom view of network cellular info

  • Connection statistics

  • SIM and device info

  • Tabs: select visible tabs

  • Map view settings: Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid

  • Customize option to display gauge with 1 or 2 SIMS, as well as WiFi

  • Personalized setting to display neighboring cells

How do features compare between

NCI Lite and NCI Pro?

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Download Network Cell Info TODAY!


You deserve the best mobile experience!

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