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Unlock Your Best Mobile Experience at the French Open

The French Open, whose official name is Roland-Garros (which also happens to be the name of the stadium where the tournament is played), stands proudly as one of the most esteemed and captivating tennis events in the world. Renowned for its rich history, passionate crowds, and unique clay court surface, the French Open holds a special place in the hearts of tennis enthusiasts worldwide. It represents a yearly pilgrimage, a chance to witness the drama, resilience, and artistry that tennis embodies. From the nail-biting five-set battles to the sheer joy of witnessing breakthrough performances, the tournament sparks a range of emotions among fans

As tennis enthusiasts prepare for the prestigious French Open in Paris, it's essential to ensure a seamless mobile experience during this exciting event. From staying connected with fellow fans to capturing and sharing unforgettable moments, reliable mobile coverage plays a crucial role. Fortunately, M2Catalyst has provided an insightful coverage map, empowering mobile consumers attending the French Open to identify areas in Paris with excellent mobile coverage and areas where signal strength may be weaker. Let's explore how you can optimize your mobile experience during this iconic tennis tournament with the assistance of M2Catalyst's coverage map.

Mapping Your Mobile Experience:

M2Catalyst, a leading provider of mobile coverage insights, has developed a valuable resource for mobile consumers such as you. Our coverage map serves as a reliable guide, helping you identify areas in Paris with exceptional mobile coverage and areas that may experience connectivity challenges. By utilizing this map, you can plan your activities and ensure you're always within reach of a strong mobile signal.

Coverage ranges from poor to excellent with red representing poor coverage and green excellent.

The coverage map shown in the image above was generated using Crowd SiteIntel.

Navigating Connectivity Challenges:

Given the vibrant nature of Paris, certain areas may pose connectivity challenges due to high demand or other factors. M2Catalyst's coverage map will help you identify these locations in advance, allowing you to plan accordingly. By being aware of potential connectivity issues, you can make informed decisions, download essential content in advance, or take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots available in public spaces, cafes, or restaurants to stay connected when necessary.

Tips for an Optimal Mobile Experience:

In addition to utilizing the coverage map, consider the following tips to enhance your mobile experience while attending the French Open in Paris:

Tip 1. Carry portable chargers: Ensure your mobile devices stay powered throughout the day by carrying portable chargers or power banks. This way, you can capture and share memorable moments without worrying about a drained battery.

Tip 2. Download offline maps and essential apps: Prior to your trip, download offline maps and essential apps that don't require an internet connection. This allows you to navigate Paris smoothly and access important information even when connectivity is limited.

Tip 3. Leverage Wi-Fi hotspots: Take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots available in public areas, cafes, or restaurants. Connecting to Wi-Fi can help conserve mobile data and provide faster internet access.

What’s the Mobile Experience Like at Stade Roland Garros?

For those attending the French Open and who will be present at Stade Roland Garros, we’ve provided a map showing signal data from last year’s event to give you the best sense of what the mobile experience may be like this year within various parts of the Speedway. According to the map, we can see that the mobile experience in the stadium shows mostly excellent and fair signals. However, there are a few locations where connectivity could be spotty.

The coverage map shown in the image above was generated using Crowd SiteIntel.

Which carrier offered the best mobile experience last year?

If we look at the chart above to the right, we can see that

  • Buoygues had 97% excellent and fair signals (57% were excellent) and only 3% were poor or no signal readings.

  • SFR had 98% excellent and fair signals (only 32% were excellent) and 2% were poor or no signal readings.

  • Free Mobile had 83% excellent and fair signals (44% were excellent) and 17% were poor or no signal readings.

  • Orange had 82% excellent and fair signals (31% were excellent) and 18% were poor or no signal readings.

Based on last year’s results, Buoygues provided the best mobile experience to consumers at Stade Roland Garros during the French Open. Which carrier will offer the best mobile experience this year? Please stay tuned for our post-event analysis.


As you immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of the French Open in Paris, M2Catalyst's coverage map equips you with valuable insights to optimize your mobile experience. By identifying areas of excellent coverage and planning for potential challenges, you'll enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, capture memorable tennis moments, and stay connected with fellow fans throughout the tournament. Embrace the excitement of the French Open while leveraging a reliable mobile network to enhance your overall experience in Paris.


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