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A Look Inside America's Digital Divide: Washington, VA & Washington, DC

When we looked into the mobile experience of each city to find indicators of a digital divide, we saw that Washington, DC had an average of 40% poor or no signal readings while Washington, VA, had an average of 71%.

If we look solely at the percentage of no signal readings in both cities, we see that in Washington, VA there is an average of 10% no signal readings while it's only 1% in Washington, DC. The likelihood of having no signal is 10X higher in Washington, VA than it is in Washington, DC.

The distance between these two cities is only 69 miles (111 kilometers) but in Washington, VA there are almost 2X more poor signals (as a percentage of total signals) than there are in Washington, DC.


More About The Network Cell Info Community

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How does the Network Cell Info community help bridge the digital divide? We provide the No Signal Data back to Mobile Network Operators for free.

Download the free M2Catalyst app, Network Cell Info Lite, to submit network performance data in your area.

M2Catalyst reports the no-signal readings (dead zones) to MNOs for free. If you work for an MNO, please contact via our form at


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