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Network Cell Info Pro Subscription Export Database Formats

Network Cell Info has the capability of exporting the measurements taken in different database formats. Exporting happens by pressing the checkmark button in the Map Tab of the app. The common formats are 6, and also there are 2 formats available only in the Pro subscription of the paid app, which are explained below.

In the app, you can choose the database format by going to the app settings -> database.

CMWF Pro v.1

This is a csv-type database, with header (row entry):

sim, radiotype, radio, carrier, mcc, mnc, area, cellid, enbrnc, lcid, xarfcn, unit, band, fc, sigl, asu, signal, lat, lon, acc, time, speed, bearing, alt, api, device, rsrq, rssnr, ss, cqi, ta, rssi_cdma, rssi_evdo, ecio_cdma, ecio_evdo

Pro - Database Export Table.PNG

Table Reference Links

timestamp of measurement

CMWF Pro v.1N

This is a csv-type database, same as CMWF Pro v.1 (see above) with the addition of the 1st neighbor data (when they exist):

n_radiotype, n_xarfcn, n_unit, n_band, n_fc, n_signal, n_rsrq

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