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Beta Testing

Participate in (pre-release) Beta testing!

[ Only for users having purchased the app. The Lite beta is available here. ]

Participating in our Beta-release Full version (or leaving from it, and get back to the latest product-release), is very easy as explained below (for users having purchased the full Network Cell Info app).

With the Beta testing:

- You can get latest app versions (when available), before they get product-released.

- You can make sure they are fully compatible with your device.

- You can help us improve the app with your feedback.


If you participate to the Beta program, it is kindly asked to send us feedback from the app, so that we will product-release it as stable as possible.


To participate in the beta-release program:

1. Visit Google Play Link

2. Press "Become A Tester"

3. Make sure the button changed to the message "You are now a Tester"

4. Download the beta version using the link in the same page


To leave from the beta-release program:

1. Visit Google Play Link

2. Press "Leave the program"

3. Download the current product-release app version


You can get more info by Google Support here.

Thank you for your participation and feedback, to improve our app!

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