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Improving the
Mobile Experience
for Everyone

We measure, analyze, and report the experience of mobile users around the world, across every mobile operator worldwide.


Featured Report

According to the ITU, there are 2.9 Billion unconnected or under-connected people across the world. At M2Catalyst, our aim is to identify exactly where they are in urban, rural, and remote areas. In our latest report entitled, "Bridging the Urban Digital Divide", we took a look at 3 U.S. cities and analyzed the mobile network performance in disadvantaged neighborhoods versus the wealthier areas in each city. Access the full report below for more insights.


Featured Video

Access to mobile broadband is viewed by governments, the telecom industry, corporations, educational entities, and citizens alike as critical for the progress of humanity. Here's a brief video from our Director of Marketing, Joshua Shorter as he sheds light on how M2Catalyst is helping to fix the global issue known as the "digital divide".


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M2Catalyst is the developer of Crowd SiteIntel (CSI), a powerful data analytics and visualization platform used by leading MNOs and tower companies worldwide. CSl is a powerful solution capable of analyzing mobile network performance readings for more than 1,000 potential sites per hour.

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  • No RF engineering experience required

  • Instantly available in over 200 Countries

  • Trillions of MNO performance measurements

  • Over 40 million cell IDs mapped globally

  • Benchmarking more than 800 MNOs

  • Map each Cell ID by RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, range, date first detected, frequency/band channel, eNodeB and PCI 

  • And more...

Welcome to M2Catalyst!

Enjoy this brief video from our CEO, Mike Brough, as he shares information about who we are, what we do, and the important role we play in the telecom industry. 

Our Community-Driven Virtuous Cycle 
Improves the Mobile Experience for Everyone

Enjoy Our Latest Blog!

Our crowdsourced data and predictive analytics provide actionable insights for network expansion and optimization.  Please see below for a list of use case videos available upon inquiry.


Use Case Videos Available Upon Inquiry​

  1. Analyzing Thousands of Potential Sites in Minutes

  2. In-Building Performance Network Monitoring

  3. Detecting Zones with No Coverage

  4. Monetizing Fiber Networks 

Our privacy-compliant mobile apps help a worldwide user base achieve their best mobile experience.  Concurrently, we provide these users the opportunity to contribute to our initiative to improve the mobile experience for all.

See our lineup of apps below.


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