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Drive Tester Instructions
for Participation 

Now that you've registered, here's how to earn your reward.

BEFORE You Drive


Enable the Required App Permissions

Below you will find two walkthrough videos. The first is for new users of the Network Cell Info Lite app (Android only). The second is for existing users of Network Cell Info Lite (Android only) who wish to participate.


Simply follow the instructions provided in the walkthrough video that pertains to you to enable the required permissions. 

If you do not enable the required permissions, we cannot collect your signal data and verify that you have driven for one week. 

For New Users

For Existing Users


Add the Widget to Your Home Screen

To ensure signal data is collected, you should install the Network Cell Info Lite app widget prior to driving. Additionally, you should open your app and leave it open in the background while you are driving. Below is a quick tutorial on how to install the widget.

AFTER You Drive


Send Us The Following Screenshots for Verification of Your Participation

1) Signal Readings from your Map Tab for the area in which you drove.

2) A screenshot of your History
Tab showing data points total 
for the 7 days you collected
signal data while driving.

3) A screenshot of your
M2 UUID (found at the bottom of the "About" section.) 

Map Readings.png
Screenshot_20220811-171833_Network Cell Info.jpg
History Tab.png
History Tab - 7 Days.jpg
UUID Screenshot.jpg

For a quick walkthrough on how to find the screenshots needed, please watch the videos below. 

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for your participation and helping us to identify where to make coverage better in your area.

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