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Unleash Uninterrupted Connectivity at the Indy 500


As the anticipation grows for the renowned Indy 500 in Indianapolis, Indiana, mobile users flocking to the city are undoubtedly eager to ensure a seamless and reliable mobile experience throughout their stay. Staying connected, capturing unforgettable moments, and accessing important information are crucial during such an event. Fortunately, M2Catalyst has provided an invaluable coverage map to help you identify areas in Indianapolis with exceptional mobile coverage and areas where signal strength may be weaker. Let's explore how you can optimize your mobile experience during your stay in Indianapolis with the assistance of M2Catalyst's coverage map.

Mapping Your Mobile Experience:

M2Catalyst, a trusted name in mobile coverage insights, has offered a comprehensive coverage map to empower mobile consumers like you. This map serves as a reliable guide, helping you identify areas in Indianapolis with excellent mobile coverage, as well as areas where connectivity may be less reliable. By leveraging this map, you can plan your activities and ensure you're always within reach of a strong mobile signal.

Coverage ranges from poor to excellent with red representing poor coverage and green excellent.

The coverage map shown in the image above was generated using Crowd SiteIntel.

Discovering Areas of Exceptional Mobile Coverage:

When exploring Indianapolis, M2Catalyst's coverage map will lead you to areas where you can expect outstanding mobile coverage. These locations are ideal for seamless communication, browsing the internet, and staying connected with friends and family. Feel confident knowing that you can rely on your mobile devices to capture and share memorable moments as you revel in the excitement of the Indy 500.

Navigating Potential Connectivity Challenges:

While Indianapolis is a vibrant city, there may be specific areas where mobile coverage faces challenges. M2Catalyst's coverage map helps you identify these locations in advance, allowing you to plan accordingly. By being aware of potential connectivity issues, you can adjust your expectations, download essential content in advance, or explore alternative solutions such as utilizing Wi-Fi hotspots available in public spaces, cafes, or restaurants.

Tips for an Optimal Mobile Experience:

In addition to leveraging the coverage map, here are a few tips to ensure an enhanced mobile experience during your stay in Indianapolis for the Indy 500:

Tip 1. Keep your devices powered: Carry portable chargers or power banks to keep your mobile devices charged throughout the day. This ensures you remain connected even during long stretches away from electrical outlets.

Tip 2. Download offline maps and essential apps: Prior to your arrival, download offline maps and essential apps that don't require constant internet connectivity. This allows you to navigate smoothly even if you encounter temporary signal drops.

Tip 3. Leverage Wi-Fi hotspots: Whenever available, connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas, cafes, or restaurants to conserve mobile data and enjoy faster internet access.

What’s the Mobile Experience Like at the Speedway?

For those attending the Indy 500 and who will be present at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, “The Brickyard”, we’ve provided a map showing signal data from last year’s event to give you the best sense of what the mobile experience may be like this year within various parts of the Speedway. According to the map, we can see that the mobile experience in the stands shows many excellent and fair signals, providing seamless connectivity. However, it should be noted that the quality of the mobile experience may be less reliable once you step onto the infield.

Which carrier won the mobile experience race last year?

If we look at the chart above to the right, we can see that

  • Verizon had the highest amount of excellent and fair signals (96% total when combined) and only 4% poor or no signal readings.

  • T-Mobile had the second highest amount of excellent and fair signals (94% when combined) and only 6% poor or no signal readings.

  • AT&T had only 60% excellent and fair signal readings along with 40% poor or no signal readings.

Based on last year’s results, Verizon provided the best mobile experience to consumers at Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the Indy 500. Which carrier will win the mobile experience race this year? Please stay tuned for our post-event analysis.


As the Indy 500 promises an unforgettable experience, M2Catalyst's coverage map equips you with the necessary tools to optimize your mobile connectivity in Indianapolis. By identifying areas of exceptional coverage and planning for potential challenges, you'll enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, capture priceless moments, and access critical information throughout your stay. Don't forget to implement the provided tips and make the most of your time in Indianapolis while indulging in the exhilarating racing action of the Indy 500!


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