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South American Cities: Mobile Experience Competition

This week’s Mobile Experience Competition takes us to South America for a comparison of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru’s most populous cities. In this comparison we will be focusing on readings detected in the fringe coverage and no signal ranges to see which city has the greatest need for network improvements.

Utilizing our Crowd SiteIntel platform, where we visualize and analyze trillions of crowdsourced data points, we examined a total of over 566 million network performance readings from the top 4 mobile network operators in each city. A 15-kilometer radius area including each city’s center was analyzed for this study.

Here’s what we found when comparing the signal strength readings recorded in each city.

Here’s a map of where each city’s fringe coverage and no signal readings were recorded. Darker areas are representative of multiple readings from the same location.

So how did these large South American cities perform?

  1. Bogota had the highest percentage of excellent signal strength readings, whereas São Paulo had the lowest.

  2. Buenos Aires and São Paulo show the largest percentage of fringe and no signal readings with users experiencing dropped calls or slow performance over 7% of the time.

  3. Buenos Aires’ poor performance readings are more heavily concentrated within the downtown area.

  4. São Paulo’s poor performance readings are widely dispersed throughout the 15-km radius analysis area.

  5. Mobile network users in Bogota experienced poor performance the least, with less than 4% of the readings recorded being in the fringe or no signal dBm ranges.

This week’s Mobile Experience Competition focuses on the city most in need of mobile network improvements. Based on the combination of how often and where users are experiencing fringe and no signal coverage, the city most in need of improvements is...

São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo’s customers experienced the greatest percentage of no signal readings over the largest area of all the cities analyzed.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s article. Stay tuned for next week’s battle!


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