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Impact of T-Mobile’s Major Mobile Network Improvements in Oklahoma City

There’s already a lot to love about Oklahoma City. From big-league attractions like a pro basketball team to a revitalized downtown area, starring the Bricktown Entertainment District, Paycom Center, and top-notch museums, Oklahoma City has plenty to offer.

One more thing the locals can now enjoy is an improved mobile experience, especially those in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Utilizing our Crowd SiteIntel platform, where we visualize and analyze trillions of crowdsourced data points, we noted multiple new T-Mobile Cell IDs appearing in Capitol Hill beginning in early 2021 (indicated by red circles on the map below). We then compared mobile signal readings from June through November 2020 to mobile signal readings from June through November 2021. Here’s what we found:

This image shows our 2020 signal strength readings. Notice that the majority of readings are in the fair dBm range (yellow) or poor/fringe dBm range (red), with only a handful of excellent (green) signals appearing in the center area of the map.

In the 2021 image, you’ll note that the majority of signal readings are now excellent or fair, with significantly fewer poor/fringe coverage signals.

From the beginning of the study until the end, the number of excellent signals increased from 14.15% to an impressive 68.39%. Additionally, the number of poor signals decreased from 20.96% to only 0.53%, while the number of no signals decreased from 1.47% to 0.41%.

Improving the mobile experience for everyone is what we’re all about at M2Catalyst, so when we see mobile network operators making a difference and providing users with better mobile experiences, we have to tip our hats to them. Way to go T-Mobile!

Which area and operator will we be highlighting in our next before and after case study? Stay tuned and you’ll find out!

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