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The Big City Battle for Best Mobile Experience: New York City vs Los Angeles

To kick off our brand-new series of blogs, we’re going to examine one specific aspect of a long-standing rivalry between two iconic cities - New York City vs Los Angeles.

Rather than focus on traditional comparisons - such as population, culture, business, fashion, or sports, we evaluated an important 21st century metric we call “best mobile experience.” Specifically, we assessed:

  1. In which city would you most likely find a strong signal?

  2. In which city would you most likely drop a call or have difficulty sending/receiving texts?

  3. In which city would you most likely receive no signal?

Utilizing our Crowd SiteIntel platform, where we visualize and analyze trillions of crowdsourced data points, we examined over 220 million network performance readings within a 15-mile radius of each city’s center. Here’s what we found:

So who won the battle for best mobile experience?

NYC edged out LA in this competition.

  1. NYC had more excellent signals than LA.

  2. LA had more readings in the range where one could experience difficulty making phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, or accessing the internet.

  3. NYC had fewer no signal readings.

Does this mean that Los Angeles offers a bad mobile experience? Not necessarily. But you’ll have to follow our posts in this series to know for sure!


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