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ATTENTION Houston Rideshare and Delivery Drivers!

Want to make a $100 between rides in your spare time?

We're giving you a chance to earn a $100 gas card for helping us to collect mobile signal readings in Houston so that we can do our part to help improve the mobile experience there.

Learn How to Participate Below

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Participants Must Complete These
3 Simple Steps


Download the Network Cell Info Lite app and enable required permissions.


Drive the area we’ve identified

and collect signal readings.


Send in screenshots to show us that you’ve collected signal readings in the area we’ve identified.


Once we’ve verified you’ve collected the signal readings in the proper areas, we’ll reward you with a $100 gas card or a $100 Amazon e-gift card,

Click here for official rules. (No official rules yet)

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Why are we launching the initiative?


The mission of M2Catalyst is "Improving the Mobile Experience for All". Though mobile network operators are rapidly expanding their networks, there are still many places where mobile coverage is suboptimal.


We understand that the unexpected increase in gas prices has negatively impacted drivers you like and we want to help with that. 

What happens with the signal
readings we collect from you?

M2Catalyst amplifies the voice of the consumer to telecom industry decision makers by reporting the bad signals to the mobile phone providers. This helps industry decision makers see where network improvements can be made and where new towers can be installed to improve coverage.

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