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Drive Tester Instructions
for Participation 

How to ensure you're
rewarded for being a drive tester.

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Participating is
Easy as 1-2-3!


Download the Network Cell Info Lite app and enable required permissions.


Drive the area we’ve identified

and collect signal readings.


Send in screenshots to show us that you’ve collected signal readings in the area we’ve identified.


From there, we’ll verify that you’ve collected the signal readings in the area we identified and then reward you with $100 gas card or with an $100 amazon e-gift card.

Click here for official rules.

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Participants Must Follow These Instructions to Be Rewarded.


Enable the Required Permissions

Below you will find two walk through videos. The first is for new users. The second is for existing users who wish to participate.


Simply follow the instructions provided in the walkthrough video that pertains to you to enable the required permissions. 

Without enabling the required permissions, we cannot collect your signal data and verify that you have driven the specified areas. 

For New Users

For Existing Users


Drive within these specific areas of Houston (within the red shapes)


Enable the Required Permissions

Watch a quick walkthrough video below to learn how to enable your permissions.

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Collect as many signal readings as possible within this specific area of Houston (see map marker). Before you begin driving, you must have the required app permissions enabled. Otherwise there will be no way to verify that you have driven the specific area and have collected the desired signal readings.


Send Us Three Screenshots for Verification of Your Participation

1) Signal Readings from 
your Map Tab for the
area you drove in.

2) A screenshot of your History
Tab showing data points total 
for the date(s) you drove. 

Map Readings.png
History Tab.png

3) A screenshot of your Readings Tab after you have collected your signal readings from driving.

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For a quick walkthrough on how to find the screenshots needed, please watch the video below. 

Thank you for your participation and helping us to identify where to make coverage better in your area.