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Mobile Market Quality of Experience (M2-QoE)

An Inside Look at


by M2Catalyst 

Welcome to our comprehensive overview of the mobile market quality of experience (M2-QoE) in Afghanistan. As digital connectivity becomes increasingly crucial in today's fast-paced world, understanding the strengths and challenges of a nation's primary telecommunication operators is essential. By examining five essential consumer-centric use cases, we've taken a deep dive into the mobile network performance metrics of the countries leading providers - Areeba, AWCC, Etisalat, and Roshan.

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  • AWCC seems to provide the best overall service with the highest percentage of users having high-resolution video capabilities and the least experiencing poor coverage.

  • Areeba has substantial challenges with a significant majority of its users either having no signal or experiencing poor coverage.

  • Etisalat provides a balanced service with more than half its users having high-res video capabilities and a smaller (but still significant) percentage with no signal or poor coverage.

  • Roshan is somewhere in between with nearly half its users having poor coverage or no signal, but 44% still have high-res video capabilities.

  • Recommendations for improvement would focus on network expansion and enhancement, especially for Areeba and Roshan.

Mobile Market Quality of Experience by Category

Whether you're a consumer seeking the best video streaming quality, a business aiming to optimize communication tools, or a policymaker striving for nationwide digital inclusion, our data-driven insights will guide you.


Dive into our findings below to discover which operator excels in high-definition video capabilities, who provides the most consistent coverage, and where there might be room for growth.

High Resolution Video Capabilities by Operator.png

High-Resolution Video Capabilities Highlights: 


  • Areeba offers high-resolution video capabilities to 33% of its users.

  • AWCC is the leader in this category with 61%, indicating that a significant majority of its users have access to high-quality video services.

  • Etisalat follows closely with 52%, showing it also has a strong presence in high-resolution video offerings.

  • Roshan serves 44% of its users with high-resolution video capabilities.

Low-Resolution Video Chat and Streaming by Operator.png

Low-Resolution Video Chat and Streaming Highlights:


  • All providers have a relatively low percentage of users with this service level.

  • Etisalat leads with 11%, which suggests they have a small but significant group of users who might be in areas with moderately good coverage but not enough for high-resolution services.

  • Both AWCC and Roshan stand at 7%.

  • Areeba has the lowest with 5%.

Audio and Basic Browsing by Operator.png

Audio and Basic Browsing Highlights:


  • This category sees a very low representation across all providers.

  • Etisalat leads slightly with 3%.

  • Areeba, AWCC, and Roshan all have 1% of their users with this capability.

Text Only Communication by Operator.png

Text Only Communication Highlights:


  • The vast majority of users have better service capabilities than this.

  • Only Etisalat has a small 1% segment in this category, while the others sit at 0%.

No Signal by Operator.png

No Signal Highlights:


  • A considerable portion of Areeba users, 61%, have no signal. This is a significant concern and suggests there are large coverage gaps.

  • Roshan has 48% of its users without a signal, also pointing to potential issues with their network coverage.

  • Etisalat and AWCC have 34% and 31% respectively, which, while lower than Areeba and Roshan, still represents a significant portion of their users.

High Resolution Video Capabilities by Operator.png

Poor Coverage Highlights:


  • Areeba again leads this unfortunate category with 61% of its users experiencing poor coverage.

  • Roshan is close behind with 49%.

  • Etisalat has 38% of its users experiencing poor coverage.

  • AWCC performs the best in this category with 32%, but even this is a sizeable segment of users with subpar service.

Winners by Categoryyy

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High-Resolution Video Capabilities Winner:

AWCC with 61% of its mobile consumers with access to high-resolution video capabilities.

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